The Business Model Canvas: an Alignment Tool.

draftingtoolsHow do you align your teams with your corporate strategy? That’s a simple but tricky question, isn’t it? In the last couple of years, I have been using the Business Model Canvas at several organizational levels. (Read my previous post here where I introduced the Canvas). I have been astonished by the employees’ misunderstanding of their own firm. In the current context, our organizations are  being disrupted in a much faster pace than in the last century. If you have been in management position in the 90s, I am pretty sure you can point out dramatic difference with today’s working environment. We have so often heard statements such as “we must be more agile”, “we must be more collaborative” etc. It’s not a coincidence. Organizations must be ready to face challenges with fewer resources and shorter deadlines. [Read more…]

How small groups of friends are the key to influence on the social web

GroupedI didn’t come up with this title, Paul Adams did. In 2011, he wrote a book named Grouped: How small groups of friends are the key to influence on the social web (Voices That Matter) explaining how the web, which is celebrating its 25th birthday, is undergoing a fundamental change and catching up with offline life. Paul is an ex social research team at Google, ex Global Brand Experience Manager at Facebook and now VP product at where he helps to create the best way for web businesses to communicate with their customers. In his book, he synthesized fascinating academic research papers from leading universities to describe how people are connected, brand messages spread through social networks and, ultimately, provides guidance to build a business around social behavior. [Read more…]

The Product Manager’s Obsession: the Value Proposition Design

Yet another useful tool hit the shelf last Fall: the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC). I wrote earlier about the Business Model Canvas (here) which is a handy tool to map the fundamental hypothesis and describe the mechanisms of your company with 9 blocks. Although the BMC will mainly help you to challenge your business model with a holistic approach, you may want to narrow your focus on some specific blocks when it comes to creating new products/services. We all struggled to define to which extend a new product (or service) satisfies a market demand (ie. product/market fit). The VPC, is a popular framework that addresses that specific question. [Read more…]

A Holistic Strategic Management Tool: the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a great tool to describe or design your business model in a simple and comprehensive way. If like me you went to a business school and learned how to write overly detailed business plans, you will be astonished by the effectiveness of the Canvas. BMC, initially developed by Alexander Osterwalder, proposes 9 blocks to summarize a business’ activities (see below the visual chart). But let me get this straight: we are not talking about writing your 50-page plan and 10 pages of spreadsheets that explain how you are going to execute your business and reach your targets. Instead, you will spend time laying out critical hypotheses (in a couple of slides) and testing them to gather feedback. It’s a much better way to get return on your invested time. [Read more…]