Former web entrepreneur with various experiences across countries, in the last 10 years I have acquired an extensive knowledge of the digital space. Since 2013, I have been working as a digital transformation consultant under various titles to comply with the client’s environment and challenges (ie. interim manager, full stack developer, auditor, executive coach & mentor, evangelist). Most of the time, I deal with executives to overcome their digital challenges in a trustworthy and confidential manner. I am a problem solver with a 360° vision and an ability to communicate and lead effectively at all organizational levels. Multi-functionality and adaptability are my key strengths: I can manage technologies, finance and people concurrently to review, analyze and improve digital strategic aspects of a business. To cite only a few projects, I have implemented digital strategies, developed customer journey maps, contributed to the company’s leadership, deployed new digital offerings, aligned +50 top managers and board members on the strategy vision or helped employees to collaborate better in today’s disrupted organizations.

As part of my experience, I have also recruited, trained and led in-house digital specialists. I really enjoyed this educational role, and now aim to further invest in this activity. I am an active member of the web ecosystem, I enjoy to give back to the community and share my experience and skills. I give lectures about lean workflows, product management, digital transformation and digital marketing strategy, and also regularly coach startups.

Common topics covered:

  • Manage digital transformation programs
  • Digital project management
  • Lean startup methodologies
  • Full stack development
  • Operational and strategic digital marketing
  • Product management / Value proposition design
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Strategic and creative workshops
  • Audit (product/organization)

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Along with consulting, I’m a guest professor in digital strategy in Master’s programmes, I write about digital transformation and enjoy sharing my experiences with people around the world. I also have fun writing web applications using Rails framework (to satisfy the nerdy part of me).

I’m also passionate about personalized medicine, a new medical model. These combine, quite remarkably, my digital knowledge with my early career path in life science



Managing consultant, Capgemini Custom Software Development (France) — Nov 2016 to now

Oversee innovative projects as part of Capgemini’s strategic development in digital health markets and to strengthen Capgemini’s relationships with the startup (FrenchTech) ecosystem. I contribute to the success of the digital factory in the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange’s worldwide network, which helps organizations identify new opportunities to cater to emerging technologies. Other duties involve internal consulting for strategic programs and, as a career manager, manage the career development plans for specific groups of employees.

Guest Professor, Kedge Business School (France) — Feb 2016 to now
Guest professor in digital strategy at Kedge (triple accredited business school EQUIS/AACSB/AMBA) in masters’ programmes.

Digital Transformation Consultant — 2013-now 
I worked in Europe and Middle East as a consultant, under various titles (ie. interim manager, full stack developer, auditor, coach), to review, analyze and improve digital aspects of a business whether to build in-house digital specialists, a new digital offering or helping employees to collaborate better across today’s organization. Some contributions:

  • Whyte Corporate Affairs (Belgium) — Apr 2015 to Nov 2016
    Managed and developed several digital projects to support Whyte’ clients in their corporate communications and public affairs strategies.
  • Interim – Marketing & Business Development, GenePlaza-InSilico (Belgium) — May 2016 to Nov 2016
    Oversee product management in the early phases by designing and executing experimentations and contributing to investor relationships.
  • Founder in Residence, eFounders Startup Studio (France/Belgium)— Apr 2015 to now
    CEO at Forest Admin, a SaaS that provides companies with a flexible admin interface instantly.
  • Coaching Digital Transformation, UCB Pharmaceutical (Belgium/UK)— Dec 2014 to now 
    Providing both conceptual and tactical guidance by putting digital technologies into perspective and guiding clients in determining which tools and methods are the most appropriate.
  • Product management, GeoPostcodes (Dubai, UAE)— Nov 2014 to Feb 2015
    Responsible for the placing on the market a set of online data services: defining the strategy house, product management and shaping the go-to-marketing.
  • Manager Digital Solutions, Bisnode (Belgium)— Nov 2013 to Feb 2015
    Responsible for the digital transformation and development of the business unit Bisnode Digital: shaping the digital offering; developing the digital positioning; creating and implementing a social media strategy; conceptualizing and executing a mobile strategy; coordinating marketing intelligence and managing a team of project and product managers.
  • Audit – Digital Transformation, Sympass EMRESA (Luxembourg)— Nov 2013 to Dec  2013
    Commissioned by the board of investors to audit the e-commerce site and its integration with the ERP, the write a special report outlining what actions to take to improve internal procedures and rebuild the e-commerce site.

Founder, Jamstorming (Belgium)— 2013-now
Responsible for the product management of the live audience participation system named “Jamstorming” for live or virtual workshops for corporate or educational events. The tool aims to provide real-time, honest ideas and feedback in an enjoyable, organized and professional style. http://jamstorming.com

Managing partner, iStorm IT & New Media Recruitment Agency (Belgium)— 2009-2013
Bootstrapped recruitment company focusing on IT and digital profiles using in-house innovative solutions (e.g. video CV, social media). Gained notoriety for its excellence and ethics among famous clients such as Delta lloyd, Belfius, Allianz, BNP Paribas, McKinsey, Keytrade Bank, Credit Agricole, Euroclear, PWC, Deloitte, Louis Vuitton. Successfully exit the company in 2013.

Founder, FellowNation (San Francisco, USA)— 2012
Enterprise social software that helps organizations to improve their employer brand. Side project to improve product management skills and get closer to BA / VC. Started in Belgium and ended in Silicon Valley.

Founder, iStockCV (Belgium)— 2008
Social recruitment webapp to democratize the access to entry-level jobs and give job seekers a real view into their desired job. Raised seed capital. Project discontinued in Sept. 2008 due to massive hiring freezes following financial crisis.

Functional analyst, Capgemini (Belgium)— 2007
Recruited by the Technology Services unit before my graduation. Placed at Atos Origin within a week. Worked on Oracle e-Business Suite and a debt recovery project.


2015 (Spring) Coding School Le Wagon, France
Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp in Brussels, Belgium – Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, git, Github, Heroku

2007 Louvain School of Management, Belgium
Master of Science in Business Engineering (thesis on an implantable medical device for the treatment of chronic depression by neurostimulation).

2007 Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Master in Entrepreneurship

2006 Red McCombs School of Business University of Texas at Austin, USA
Business administration

2004 Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering

Volunteer Experience

Startup coach and lecturer, (Belgium/Luxembourg/UK)— 2013-now
Coach aspiring entrepreneurs and give lectures and other public speeches to promote web entrepreneurship and new methodologies.

Co-founder, LouvE (Belgium)— 2012-now
Almuni network of entrepreneurs graduated from the Université Catholique de Louvain.

Co-founder, HRmeetup (Belgium)— 2011-2013
Belgian HR professionals community. +400 members. It aims to connect passionate people to share in a playful way the future of work through meetups & podcasts. Currently merging with HR Voices and Visions.

Co-founder, CreaLouv (Belgium)— 2005-2006
The non-profit organization aims to promote entrepreneurship among the students of the Université Catholique de Louvain with networking events like business dinners, conferences, business games etc.


Manufacturing robots out of electronic waste at the age of 11, selling video games during my teens to make pocket money, trading my geography teacher a whole semester’s project in exchange for building the class website at 17 – those were some key moments that could have predicted my life choices as an adult. I suppose I have been a businessman for as long as I can remember, but also an explorer due to my natural propensity to conceive new solutions, products or services.

A couple years later, when I got my master’s degree in business engineering with a major in entrepreneurship, I was meant to work for a university spin-off specializing in neurotechnology. But a couple of months after graduation, an entrepreneurship classmate of mine urged me to read a special edition of “Courrier International,” a Paris-based weekly newspaper that publishes article excerpts from more than 900 international newspapers. The 2007 Quarter 4 volume was titled “Revolution 2.0. How the Net will change life (again)”. I followed my friend’s advice and got my hands on the newspaper right before jumping on the train to Paris in November 2007. The 90 minute travel time from Brussels to Paris passed like a flash. All these stories about our deeply anchored social etiquette and traditions suddenly dazzled my mind. My intuition was telling me a whole new land of opportunities was unfolding in front of me; it was too exciting to let it go. I had to act fast. If it hadn’t been for my friend pressing me to read that newspaper, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the web 2.0. And for the record – I still have the paperback version of this newspaper. I carry it with me wherever I go to remind me to stay open-minded and listen to others. Some events can change the course of your life forever; that one did. By the way, you probably have heard my classmate’s name: Xavier Damman.

As a result, I switched career paths and became an entrepreneur. I started several ventures before my trip to Silicon Valley in 2012. What was supposed to be a trip to find a partner and investors rapidly became a philosophical retreat. The amazing people I met there made me realize I was no longer excited or enthusiastic about my ventures and the causes I was fighting for. It wasn’t me anymore. I headed back to Europe, and a couple of weeks later – the day I turned 30 – I sold my company. It was time to refocus.

Since then, I have enjoyed providing as a senior consultant to executives from a digital marketing and transformation perspective. I operate under various titles to comply with my clients’ challenges (ie. manager, auditor, coach), mainly in Europe and the Middle East. I’m also a startup coach and lecturer.

Most of the time, I deal with executives to overcome their digital challenges in a trustworthy and confidential manner. According the mission, I work either on a permanent or on contract basis.

Problem solver with a 360° vision, I have the ability to communicate effectively at all organizational levels. Multi-functionality and adaptability are my key strengths: I can manage technologies, finance and people concurrently to review, analyze and improve the digital aspects of a business. To cite a few, I have built and led in-house digital specialists, implemented digital strategies, developed customer journey maps, contribute to the company’s leadership, deployed new digital offerings or helped employees to collaborate better in today’s disrupted organizations.

I came to realize that the best way to fulfill my dream was to empower organizations to change the world, using new methodologies and technologies. I love seeing innovation come from disrupted organizations who never thought they could achieve great things.

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